This Month's Promise

“My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

- (Exodus 33:14)

Read: Psalm 140: 1-13


“Rescue me O Lord, from evil men. Protect me from violent men.” (Psalm 140.1)

There were wicked people in Saul’s court who were conspiring to get rid of David. Slander and lies were their weapons. They deviced evil plans in their hearts. They made their tongues as sharp as serpents. The poison of vipers was on their lips. (Psalm 149.2,3) A serpent has a sharp forked tongue that flickered in and out of its mouth. A snake does not use its tongue to pierce and poison its victims, it uses it to detect vibrations and to find out odors either in the air or in the ground. The forked tips of the snake’s tongue picks up microscopic particles from the air, earth or water. Drawing in the tongue the snake inserts the forked tips into two tiny pits in its mouth. These pits are lined with keen sensory cells and give the snake the precise scent of its immediate environment. In some snakes these pit organs also serve as night vision sensors. They are like infrared “eyes” enabling the snake to strike accurately in the dark; the strike being guided by the infrared radiation emitted by warm blooded prey. David compared the poisonous words of enemies to the attack of a snake. His malicious enemies were deliberately using conversation as a means of tracking him down. Their tongues were being used as weapons to set him up for the strike. They were waiting for a chance to inject poison into Saul’s mind. David was helpless. He prayed, “Keep me O Lord from the hands of the wicked; protect me from men of violence”. God answered David’s prayer and never allowed his enemies to touch him.

Even the enemies of the Lord Jesus wanted to kill Him. God also allowed them to have their way. They pulled out His beard, they beat Him on the face, they scourged His back with lashes, they crowned Him with thorns and hung Him on the Cross. But their plans did not succeed. The enemies were defeated and Jesus rose from the dead. Dear friends, are you surrounded by enemies who are as poisonous as serpents? Do not be afraid for, victory is in store for you through Jesus Christ our Lord.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, I am surrounded by evil people whose tongues are as sharp and forked as the serpent’s. They talk maliciously against me and spoil my reputaion. Rescue me from them. Grant me victory over them through Jesus, My Lord. Amen.