This Month's Promise

“Therefore,.. we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus.”

- (Hebrews 10:19)

Read: II Corinthians 4: 4-6


“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed .” (John 8.36)

John Mac Arthur once was talking with some hippies who had dropped out of society. He asked them the ultimate question, “What is truth?” It was a stunning question. They looked at each other and then one guy came out of the group and said: I know. It’s “Yen Yang! “Yen Yang? What is it? asked Mac Arthur. He said, “You don’t know what Yen Yang is? Man, how can you live without Yen Yang?” he asked and continued. I’ll show what it is”. He took a stick and drew a circle in the ground. It was a kind of oblong circle! And he drew a line through the middle of it so that there were two equal parts. Then he drew two equal circles in those two equal parts so that there were two opposite sets. And he asked, “See it? That’s Yen Yang”. Mac Arthur asked, “So what does it do? The hippy said, “Don’t you get it? Don’t you know that if there wasn’t a black there wouldn’t be a white? And if there wasn’t an up there wouldn’t be a down? And if there wasn’t an out you wouldn’t understand what in was?” And then he went all through the opposites. Mac Arthur asked him, “Well, what does that do for me? The hippy answered, “That’s where it is man. That’s Yen Yang. Life is opposite. This is the truth! Mac Arthur said, “Wow, all your life you’ve discovered Yen Yang and that’s it?” What a pity! Here’s a guy who couldn’t find truth and the only truth he could find was the most simple elemental childish concept of opposites. And that’s all he could find! He was content with the hopelessness of that in addition to his addiction to drugs.

Dear friends, people do not know the truth. And sadly when they hear it they do not want it. In John 8.45 Jesus said to Jews, “Because I tell the truth. You do not believe me! Men are so much “non-truth oriented” that they do not know the truth when it comes. They long for truth to set them free. Remember, if a person’s soul is not liberated he is in bondage. Jesus is the only person. He is the Truth who can set us free. He gives us permanent and eternal freedom. All we have to do is to just believe in Jesus.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, I am burdened in my heart to see countless people perishing without knowing the Truth. They are so “non-truth oriented” that they do not actually know the Truth. Let them know the Truth. Let the light of gospel shine in their hearts. Amen