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This Month's Promise

“Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation ... ”

- (Mark 16 : 15)

Read: I John 2:15-17


" Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did. ” (I Jn. 2:6)

The late Bishop Taylor Smith had a wonderful gift for drawing spiritual lessons of great profundity from events of complete simplicity in the lives of ordinary people. One such incident happened when he was attending the Keswick Convention. As he was walking along the road, a group of young people were walking towards him. When they were still some distance away, one of the girls stopped, took off her shoe, shook out a stone that was obviously making it uncomfortable for her to walk and replaced the shoe on her foot. Then the group continued walking towards the Bishop. When he met them, the Bishop stopped them and said to the girl who had taken off her shoe, “That’s right – never let anything hinder your walk.” And the young people never forgot those meaningful words of the Bishop – “Never let anything hinder your walk.”

Just think - the stone the girl shook out might not have been a big one. It doesn’t take a big stone in a shoe to make our walk uncomfortable; even a small one can cause discomfort. Likewise, it does not take a big thing that is wrong in our lives to make our spiritual walk uncomfortable. So often, we allow a little thing to hinder us in our spiritual walk. We need to follow the example of that girl and shake `the little stone’ out of our lives. Dear friends, is there something in your life that needs to be shaken out? It may be an addiction. May be you are addicted to alcohol, or to watching TV for hours together, or you may spend your time in gossiping with your friends, or in just talking silly things. Beware! These are all ‘small stones’ that hinder your spiritual walk. These may seem harmless; may not seem to cause heavy damage. But if you allow them to remain in your life, you cannot be productive. It will make your walk limp. It will rob your time spent with the Lord in Bible reading and prayer. Your fellowship with the Lord will turn cold. So be wise enough to shake the little stone as soon as you feel the hurt of it. Then you will be able to walk towards the Lord better, more comfortably, more easily and with greater freedom. Amen.

PRAYER:  Dear Lord, thank you for revealing me the ‘little stone’ that has invaded in my life. Before it makes my spiritual walk go limp, let me shake it off from my life immediately. Let me spend time more in the fellowship of believers in prayer and in meditation. Give me your grace. Amen.