This Month's Promise

“..whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

- Mark 11: 24

Read: John 8: 31-34


"... If you hold my teaching, you are really my disciples.” (John 8:31)

Discipleship begins at the moment a person accepts what Jesus says is true - all that He says about the love of God, about the terror of sin and about the real meaning of life. Discipleship means constantly remaining in the Word of Jesus that involves four things. Firstly, it involves constant listening to the Word of Jesus. When John Brown of Haddington preached, he paused every now and then as if he were listening for a voice. William Barclay writes, “The Christian is a man who all his life listens for the voice of Jesus and will take no decision until he has first heard what he has to say.” Secondly, discipleship involves constant learning from Jesus. The disciple is a learner. All his life a Christian should be learning more and more about Jesus. A shut mind is the end of discipleship. Thirdly, discipleship involves constant penetrating into the truth. No one can hear or read the words of Jesus once and then say that he has understood their full meaning. The difference between the Bible and other books lies in the fact that we read the other books once and may never wish to read them again, whereas we read the Bible eagerly many times. When we constantly study and think about what Jesus said until more and more of its meaning becomes ours, then it means that we remain in His Word. Fourthly, discipleship involves constant obeying of the Word of Jesus. We study it not simply for academic satisfaction or for intellectual appreciation, but in order to find out what God wishes us to do. William Barclay writes, “Discipleship brings us freedom from fear, freedom from self, freedom from other people and freedom from sin.” It is not our career, material possession or worldly pleasure that gives us freedom, but only a life in Jesus can deliver us and truth will set us free.

Dear friends, what a joy it is to be a disciple of Jesus! When we learn from Jesus we learn the truth.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, let me be your true disciple. Let me constantly listen to your Word and learn from you. You alone give me deliverance from sin. By being your disciple, I come to know the real meaning of life. Thank you for this privilege. Amen.