This Month's Promise

“Submit yourself God; Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

- (James 4: 7)

Read: Acts 17: 14-21


“...Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” (I Cor. 9:16)

The city of Athens was filled with idols. An ancient writer wrote, “On every side there were idols, images and temples. At Athens it was easier to find a god than a man.” As Paul entered the city, one of the first sights which would confront him was the great Parthenon standing upon the rocky height of the city, and before it the huge bronze statue of Athena with its beaming crown standing as though it were aflame. This was the goddess of wisdom. It was thought that she exercised a special care over the city which was named after her. As he passed along the streets he would see many altars on which men had left their offerings. All these pained Paul in Spirit. He was provoked almost to a rage. It was a righteous anger, for the more godly a man is the more he is angered at the sight of false gods. How great was his astonishment when he saw an altar with an inscription, “To an unknown God”! What a height of their extreme superstitions! They thought that they might have failed to present an offering to some god and as a precaution they erected an altar that he might be appeased. As Paul walked about the streets and as he observed the conditions, he was so perturbed that he somehow wanted to awaken the great proud city to the fact that all these gods were mere dust and stones of the earth, and that the Living God was near if the people would just receive Him. Paul was in fact waiting for Silas and Timothy at Athens. During that time he could have stayed with some devout person and rested quietly until his friends arrived. But Paul started his gospel work then and there in the city of Athens. He talked with those whom he met in the market place everyday. There would be men of all classes and trades arguing concerning their wares. There would be those who were buying fish or woolen goods or purple cloth, or beautiful glass vessels. There would be those who were selling cheese, olives and bread. Paul did not merely talk business to the people. Acts 17:18 says that he preached “Jesus and the resurrection.”

Dear friends, are we concerned about the perishing souls around us? Are we burdened to share the Good News with them and lead them to eternal life? Let Paul’s example inspire us.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, the life and breath of Paul was to preach the gospel to every soul. Let me never waste any opportunity that I get, but like Paul let me proclaim the Good News to all - my neighbor, to the vendor, to my colleague, as and when you lead me. Amen.