This Month's Promise

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me....

- (Galatians 2:20)

Read: II Timothy 3: 14-17


Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; ... (II Timothy 4:2)

Often unbelievers accuse believers saying, Oh Christians, you are all alike! You think you alone are right and everybody else is wrong. How can you possibly be so sure what you believe is true? This question, though often asked in a scoffing manner, is never the less a fair one. How can the child of God know, his faith is the only correct one? Suppose you are invited to an important social function and it turns out that you are the only professing Christian present there. After dinner, the hostess makes a sudden announcement that every one assembled there will speak uninterrupted for ten minutes on the subject, Why I feel my faith is the right one. Then with no warning she suddenly turns to you and exclaims, You go first. All talk immediately ceases. Every eye is fixed on you. Every ear is turned to pick up your first words. What would you do? How would you start? You couldnt say , I know Im right because I feel Im right! Christ lives in my heart or I know Im right because Christians are more in this world than any other religions in the world. Of course this is a wonderful truth but it would not convince the Buddhist or the Moslem who doubtless feel that he was right too. So what could you say? You have only one single argument. And this if used in the right way would be more than enough to overwhelmingly convince any listener - that is your own personal copy of the Bible which you could hold up confidently and proclaim, I know Im right because the Author of my faith has given me a Book which is completely unlike any of the books of your faiths. You could continue by pointing out the unity, indestructibility, and the universal influence of the Bible. You could relate exciting examples of its marvelous life-transforming power.

Dear friends, Let us not be ashamed of the heavenly text book our Creator has presented us. Let us grow in faith by reading it and living according to what it says.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, let me read the Bible every day and know thoroughly the truth. Let me be equipped well with the Scripture and also live by it every day. Let me not be ashamed of your living Word, but let me proclaim boldly my faith to the world. Amen.