This Month's Promise

“The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.”

- (Nahum 1:7)

Read: Acts: 12: 1-9


When she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so overjoyed ...” (Acts 12: 14)

Anderson’s fable, “The Emperor’s New Suit” tells of a vain emperor who loved clothes. Two swindlers promise to make him a glorious suit, but it will require much money. They get the money and pretend to make imaginary garments. No one, including the emperor is willing to say they see nothing, for they all fear being called stupid. Finally, when the emperor parades through the city in new “suit” in great celebration, a young child announces “But he has nothing on at all.” Sometimes those with less status are more willing to recognize the truth that others find uncomfortable or impossible. In Acts 12: 1-9 the servant girl Rhoda recognized the reality of God’s miraculous power. It took the rest of the believers a bit longer to accept that the “ `impossible” had happened. King Herod decided to gain political favor with the Jews by persecuting the followers of Jesus. James was executed, and Peter was arrested with an intent, to be killed after the Passover. (verse 4) He was guarded by four groups of four soldiers. When the believers heard this they prayed together for the release of Peter. In dramatic fashion, God sent an angel and delivered Peter from the depths of Herod’s security system. When Peter realised what had happened, he knew that Christians would be gathered in prayer in Mary’s house. As he knocked at the door of Mary’s house, Rhoda heard his voice and immediately recognized the significance of his presence. Filled with joy that God had answered prayers and delivered Peter, she ran to tell others but forgot to let Peter in! Though the believers were praying for Peter’s deliverance, they could not believe that the answer to their prayer was actually outside the door. But Peter kept on knocking and Rhoda’s faith in God’s miraculous deliverance was proved.

Dear friends, have you been praying for something that deep down looks impossible? You know God can do anything but your situation seems so bleak. Pray that God would give you faith like Rhoda so that you can recognize God’s answers to your prayers in a supernatural way.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, give me a child-like faith, a simple faith to recognize Your answer to my prayers. The situation I am in right now seems very bleak for deliverance. Help me not to look at the “impossible” but to trust Your awesome power which makes all things possible. Amen.